Sturgis MI

Blue Ray Beach Tanning

Where the Sun is Always Shining!

UV Free Airbrush Tanning


1 Session - $40.00

3 Sessions - $105.00

(Prices are listed with deposit included)

Appointments must be made 24 hours ahead of time,

and a $10 deposit is required at time of booking. Thank you.




  • The Airbrush session is done by a trained professional completely by hand using a HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) spray gun.
  • Our Tanning solution does NOT contain chemicals or dyes that many solutions do. Blue Ray Beach uses premium solutions from Norvell’s Amber Sun UV-Free product line. Amber Sun provides a beautiful bronzing glow for every client.

  • The ingredient that tans your skin is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a colorless sugar that interacts with dead skin cells to create a tanned color. The DHA reacts with the proteins in the outer most layer of the skin, which causes the color to change. The spray does not dye the skin, the immediate color you see when your tan is applied is a color guide or bronzer that helps the technician. The DHA starts to react with the skin within minutes and continues to do so for 8 hours or more. In less than 15 minutes you can have a flawless tan that develops over the next 8 to 16 hours.
  • There are a number of factors that affect how long your tan will last, with proper preparation and aftercare your tan can last between 7-10 days. Everyone’s skin is different, so everyone will have different results.


  • It is extremely important to prepare for your UV-Free tan. Before your session, shower and exfoliate your skin. Make sure your skin is totally free of perfumes, lotions, oils, deodorants, gels, or any product on the skin that would create a barrier or cause the tan to develop unevenly. Remove all jewelry.
  • If you plan to shave or wax you need to do so before the application of the spray tan. Ideally, shaving should be done at least 8 hours before and waxing should be done the day before. Leftover wax will cause the solution to stick and will leave dark spots. Shaving after the spray tan will remove some of the color, so shave when you really need to and ensure your blade is sharp.
  • You may wear whatever you feel comfortable in during your session. It’s up to you to wear nothing, an old swimsuit, or undergarments .You also want to take into account what you will be wearing after your session, clothes dark in color will prevent the risk of stains; this also applies to bed sheets. After your spray tan you should wear loose, preferably cotton clothing. The solution should wash out of every fabric except silk or satin.


  • To give your airbrush tan time to fully develop, it is recommended to wait 12-16 hours after your session to shower. The longer you wait the darker you’ll get! Showering too soon may diminish the intensity of the tan. Some clients will wait 24 hours before showering. It is important not to use a wash cloth, loofah, or harsh soap during the first shower, just simply use your hand to wash yourself and soap only where it’s needed. Dab yourself dry, don't wipe, and moisturize your entire body with a really good lotion.
  • The more you moisturize after your spray tan the longer your results will last. Be sure not to exfoliate too much afterwards, you will scrub of your color.
  • Swimming in chlorinated, salt, or hot water will fade your tan and can cause possible streaking. It is recommended to avoid these types of water for the first 24-48 hours. When swimming try to only go for a short time and rinse in fresh water soon afterwards.
  • Take caution as spray tans do NOT provide SPF protection. Although your skin looks like it, that does not mean you won’t get burnt. It is very important to remember to use a sunscreen with SPF if you are going to be in the sun.
  • You may tan after your spray tan session if you wish, avoid lay down beds as they make your back sweat.