Sturgis MI

Blue Ray Beach Tanning

Where the Sun is Always Shining!

Tanning Equipment

Level 1

Sundash Competition 232

Now a 10 Minute Session. The Sundash Competition 232 is the novice tanners dream. Equipped with 32 (120 watt) 9.5 Intensity Cheetah High Output lamps, and 11 (45 watt) Cybertech facial lamps, and a super body cooling fan to satisfy all your tanning needs.

Level 2

Ergoline Classic450

15 Minute Session. Ergoline Classic 450 tanning is a high-bronzing, low reddening bed. The 450 series ensures a perfect, all-around tan. Featuring 160-watt UV lamps in base and canopy, and 500 watt facial tanners. The 450 also sets standards for comfort with its standard air conditioning. The sun bed has a large tanning tunnel and a wide, ergonomically shaped acrylic that offers a cool and relaxing tanning session from start to finish.

Level 3

Silver Bullet

12 Minute Session. A high intensity bed that uses 160 watt VHR lamps with 400 watt and 800 watt adjustable, high-pressure facial lamps and high-pressure shoulder tanners. A built in A/C unit – with filtered air – and pressure point reducers make your tanning experience even more comfortable. The acrylic on the bed is frosted to avoid any ridge marks and allow for a more even tan.

Level 4

Ergoline Excellence 800

12 Minute Session. Ultra Performance adjustable facial tanner system and adjustable air-conditioned body ventilation. The acrylic forms to your body for relaxing comfort. To add to your comfort the Excellence 800 has dual 9 speed fan, aroma therapy, and cooling mister. It features 4Ultra Performance, 1000-watt High- Pressure Facial Tanners. With 160-watt UVLamps and 51 VHP Turbo Power.


10 Minute Session. Ultimate in tanning Power! This Diva has 54 160 watt UV Lamps and 4 600-watt High-Pressure Mirrored Facial Tanners. Diva has shoulder-flex reflective shoulder tanner, with Air Conditioning System. Hop on in and try this Diva out!

Level 4 Booth

Super Cyclone

8 Minute Session. These level 5 booths will give you spectacular, long-lasting results quickly. They put out mostly browning rays, and have some reddening rays to help you achieve a base tan that will protect you from the sun’s UV rays. The booths also sport 22 MPH advanced cooling breeze to create a comfortable, no-sweat environment

Level 5

SunScape SS755

10 Minute Session. The SunScape SS755 is a new bed that produces better results in less time and features Five 500-watt Ultimate Reflection™ facial tanning systems with face tanner controls; special filter glass that reduces infrared heat by 98 percent; a revolutionary wide bench and canopy; easy to see and easy to operate controls; and 10 photometrically designed shoulder tanners.

The SunScape SS755 features 55 full-length 200-watt lamps, which give up to 40 percent higher irradiance than 160 watt lamps.

Velocity 1000HP

15 Minute Session. The Velocity tanning bed is the most revolutionary 360° high pressure tanning bed to hit the tanning industry. The radical shape of the Velocity HP1000 tanning bed puts you in the center of the tanning power by scientifically angling three banks of lamps for a uniform, full body tan. Let the Velocity tanning bed take your tan to the extreme! 14 X 1000 watt Ultra Pressure lamps, 4 X 1000 watt facial lamps.